Highland Capital Management of James Dondero: A Philanthropic Success

Highland Capital Management is a hedge fund management company that specializes on investment advice. The SEC-registered company solely manage $18 billion in assets and is recognized to be the largest and most experienced credit managing firm in the industry. The company concentrates particularly on loan obligations, credit hedge funds, separate accounts and credit strategies and its experience is high impressive. Acknowledged for the diversity of their clients, the company offer services that cover a wide selection of areas professionally and culturally.

And as their mission state reads “experienced, bold and disciplined” the company never cut corners or succumb to unfavorable economy. This always keeps it ahead of the company. Their art of offering similar eminence services to its clients creates a pleasant experience that is censoriously required in the industry. The outstanding workers upholds the duties of the company and possess the exact attributes that are described by its mission statement.

In the year 2010, the company proclaimed the completion of its CLO value fund. Today, Highland Capital Management has offices in London, New York and Singapore.

The leader of the firm is none other but James Dondero, who is the founder and the CEO. Mirroring the attributes that Highland Capital was founded on, Dondero has led the company through every aspect of it. Being an expert in both equity market and credit market, the Texas-born executive understands the pros and cons of this industry. Gifted with power and proficiency required in the field, Dondero does not let his tame frivolous activities impact his abilities to succeed in the world of business.

He spend much of his time sponsoring educational and veteran affairs and this is the side of him that has made him a successful philanthropist. From the foundation of his career as a mere analyst at Morgan G. to his executive role at Highland Capital Management, James has had success in every organization he has worked for. After earning a title as a certified management accountant, James has been the jack of all trades, using his business success to fuel his philanthropic success.

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