Beneficiaries of Securus Technologies Cutting-Edge Technological Products and Solutions Applauds the Firm for Helping Them

Securus Technologies is a Texas-based technology firm that provides civil and criminal justice technological solutions. The services offered by Securus Technologies seek to enhance public safety, correction, investigation, and monitoring across the United States. Securus Technologies specializes in providing public safety solutions such as incident management, emergency response, and public information. It also offers verification, investigation, information management, communication, monitoring products and services, and inmate self-service. Securus Technological products and solutions help cities and security agencies to collect, consolidate, store, and disseminate public information in real-time.


That helps the law enforcement agencies access to critical information that is necessary for emergency response situations. The firm also provides a mobile application for Android platform, iPhones, iPads, tablets and iPod devices that allow individuals to share their daily moments with their loved ones. Securus Technologies provides cutting-edge solutions for public safety, law enforcement, and corrections facilities.


Securus Technologies was previously known as TZ Holdings but later rebranded to adopt a new name in line with its mission and vision. The company was established in 1986 with offices in Carrollton, Atlanta, and Georgia. Securus Technologies, Inc. is a subsidiary of Securus Technologies, Inc. Securus Technologies prides itself in offering top-notch services to its huge clientele base that range from both public and private institutions and individuals.


Comments from customers

Recently, the company published some excellent comments from the customers who have been sending ‘thank you notes’ through emails and letters. In one of the published comments, a satisfied customer notes that they have found Securus Technologies to be consistently innovative and possessing attributes. The customer noted that the characteristics make them stand out from their competitors.


In another comment, a client notes that Securus provides a stable calling platform. The platform makes sure that the inmates get in touch with their families and friends. The client also comments that the investigative tools provided by Securus help in investigating complaints of harassment or a potential threat to the security of corrections facilities or the public.