George Soros And His Investment In American Politics

A Hungarian-American investor, George Soros is considered to be one of the most powerful men in America. He has a keen interest in political investment on Biography, and a huge amount of funding for Democratic politics is done by George Soros. According to The Federal Commission records, Hilary Clinton and other Democratic politicians have received Soros’s funding of more than $25 million. George Soros has always taken an interest in American. During the election of 2016, George Soros had been even more involved in politics than before and had openly supported Hillary Clinton. The views of the Republican candidate regarding issues like religious tolerance, immigration laws, and criminal justice developments are against the opinion of Soros, which is why he is paying particular attention to providing financial support to the Republicans.

Many other donors on the Democratic side, including media tycoon Fred Eychaner, environmentalist Tom Steyer, and renowned hedge funder Don Sussman, have shown financial support, but none of them have shown as much dedication as George Soros. A super PAC named American Bridge 21st century, participating in opposition research on against Trump, has received an amount of $2 million from Soros. Other PAC groups include America Votes, Voting Rights Trust, Immigrants Voters Win, Senate Majority PAC, and Planned Parenthood Votes. Before the 2016 election, Soros focused more towards the promotion of education and health care via supporting NGOs. George Soros has also played a significant role in forming Democracy Alliance. This club is focused on solving issues like climate change and income inequality, by improving America’s political infrastructure.

George Soros and his company, Soros Fund Management, manage the $25 billion in investor assets. Moreover, Open Society Foundation is the subsidy of the company which has recently funded many other organizations, and whose goals are aligned with Soros’s vision on An enormous amount of $5 billion has been donated to these organizations since 1979, which include organizations fighting for civil rights, like The Arab American Institute and The Bill of Rights Defence Committee. The National Council of La Raza, The Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights, and the Mexican American Legal Defence and Education Fund calls are some of the groups that stand against racism and are supported by Soros.

The list of organizations that have gained something valuable from the support of George Soros and OSI is huge, and all of these organizations are built for the purpose of bringing social change in America and for being the voice of the downtrodden. This also includes organizations that recruit and support activist leaders and volunteers, like the Centre for Community Change, The Midwest Academy, and the American Society of Social Justice. Soros and OSI also support organizations that promote leftists ideas in the media and arts, including The American Prospect, Media Matters for America, and The Pacific Foundation.