Sheldon Lavin Role with the OSI Group

Regardless of your age, it has been proven that you can make major changes in your life and still succeed. This is the life that Sheldon Lavin has lived and is enjoying every bit of it. As a young man, he chose to work in the financial industry where he was recognized as an executive in the banking industry and as an investor. During his time in the financial industry, he recorded significant growth and managed to establish a consulting firm under his name. He, however, believes that things happen at their own time and there is no need to stressing over past opportunities. Learn More .

He decided to quit the financial industry 43 years ago to start working with the OSI Group. Back then, the company was not as big as it is today. In fact, it was termed as McDonald scentric back then. Today, Sheldon Lavin acts as the chief executive officer of this company as well as its chairman. He has managed to grow the company from a local producer to an international producer. Under his watch, the OSI industries have spread to 17 nations across the globe. Some of these nations include Canada, Japan, China, Mexico, Brazil, Netherland, and Germany. With expertise in economics, he has used mergers and acquisitions to grow the company. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin Receives Global Visionary Award.

Some of the companies that have been bought by the OIS Group under his watch include Baho food and Europe Flagship. Among the things that Sheldon Lavin is proud of is the 20,000 employees that the company currently employs as well as the corporate culture that he has managed to establish during his time as the CEO. His involvement with the company began in the year 1970 when he decided to look for investors for the firm. Back then, the company was referred to as Otto & Sons. Contact With Sheldon .

Today, Sheldon Lavin is 81 years old and has been married for 55 years. He has three children and considers OSI Group employees as his family. Other than the OSI Group board, Sheldon Lavin serves other boards such as Goodman Theater, McDonald House Charities and Sheba Foundation where he is the president and the director of this organization. for more.