Cotemar Adopts New Technology To Turn To Environment Friendly Operations

Cotemar stands for excellence in the oil and petrochemical industry and has emerged as one of the largest producers of petrochemicals in the entire country. Recently, a lot of chemical and oil companies in Mexico started facing some serious problems owing to the numerous environmental regulations that the government of the country began enforcing. Many of these companies were forced to change their ways and adopt new methods and operations to perform all their undertakings, by the Mexican government. Many businesses in the sector knew the impact that their activities were having on the environment and therefore resorted to shutting down their plants instead if finding new ways to work. Cotemar was one of the oil and petroleum companies in the country that accepted the challenge of implementing only energy efficient methods for their extractions, in compliance with the government’s rules and regulations.

Cotemar has always strived to minimize the amount of damage their operations do to the environment. The company has employed some of the best technology in place to ensure that they are doing as little harm as possible to the environment where they work. The company has some of the countries most modernized machinery to ensure the smooth (and environment-friendly) functioning of the enterprise. Cotemar also ensures that all the waste that is generated from their work is disposed of properly and is efficiently recycled.

As a company, Cotemar leads in the sector of oil and petroleum production in Mexico and is known as one of the global giants in the industry. Over the years, Cotemar has been significant to the overall development of this sector in Mexico and has contributed to the overall national income of the country, through the large number of jobs that just this one company has created.

While being extremely energy efficient and environment conscious, Cotemar is also known to have some of the best technology in place for the safety of their workers and employees. The company has one of the largest fleets of ships and lifeboats, which all have state of the art equipment to go to the rescue of any employee who is stranded while out at sea. The company also attaches GPS trackers onto their employees to keep track of them and to prevent them from getting lost at sea. Cotemar is known to be on of the best places to work and works hard to ensure that their employees are physically and mentally fit, as well as in the safest of conditions.

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