What role are smart phones playing in the current day retail world-Jose Borghi shares his views?

Jose Borghi is one of the most successful investors in Brazil. He has been working with various companies in the advertising agency business. He also owns an advertising company that is known as Mullen Lowe. He is the Co-CEO of this company and in charge of most of the executive decisions. Other companies that he has established in the past include BorghiErh, the company that he established in conjunction with Erh Ray. One of the things that have been fascinating him in the current market is the changes that Smartphones have brought to the consumer market.

From the fact that more than 80 percent of the population now owns smart phones, it is easy to conclude that the marketer who targets these gadgets will be reaching a very large percentage of the population. The emerging industries that have taken advantage of the trend and made huge successes include Uber and Airbnb. Uber offers cheap and convenient travel from the driver that is closest to a particular customer’s device. On the other hand, Air BnB makes it possible for people to book accommodation and share to their convenience.

Jose Borghi states that the best thing about this technology is the fact that it offers the customer the same goods and services, but at a lower cost. The lower cost is as a result of the fact that costs such as renting a physical location for the business and hiring staff are eliminated when one decides to invest in digital marketing. In addition to this, the clients or customers will get the service or goods that they are looking for without much movement on their part. He states that the people who will be successful in marketing should really start thinking about investing in digital marketing, and especially goods that can be accessed via the mobile phone.

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