Who benefits from working with Equities First Holdings

About the Company

One of the enterprises that has been in the forefront in offering lending solutions worldwide is Equities first Holdings. There exist traction in both stock-based loans and margin loans since banks, and other lending institutions have been seen to tighten the lending criteria making it hard for people and business to access loans. With this in consideration, the Equities First holding view loans being collateralized by stocks as being an innovative borrowing alternative which leads to them offering loans to individuals who are in need of raising capital quickly or who don’t qualify for credit based loans. The loans they offer to a business rely entirely on the assessment carried out regarding the business risk and its future performance with regards to bonds, stocks, and treasuries.

Individuals who would benefit more from working with Equities Holdings

One group of people who would benefit more includes borrowers who need instant and quick access to capital. In some cases, an individual may require capital urgently to start a business, and this is one service the company offers. Banks and other lending institution take time before offering any loans regardless of how urgent the money is needed. With Equities Lending providing a variety of lending services including equities lending allow an exclusive opportunity to acquire capital quickly.

Another group that can benefit from working with the company includes an individual who require money to expand their business or who want to repay high debt. People who need money for these reasons may contact the company and explain the reasons as to why they need the loan. After an evaluation, the company is in a position to offer the required loan something other lending institutions don’t consider.

Business and individuals who use equities as collateral for a particular time can apply for a stock loan from the Equities First Holdings. If a person owns stock in an organization and has faith that after some years the stock will have appreciated, they can transfer their shares to the Equities Holdings. Equities First Holdings will use these shares as collateral and offer the required loan to the borrower a service that banks don’t consider.

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Vijay Eswaran Creates Wealth, Jobs And Economic Opportunities

Malaysian businessman Vijay Eswaran is a hero to many people throughout Asia. Born into modest circumstances in Penang, Malaysia, through his hard work and vision Eswaran has become a successful businessman, author, philanthropist and one of the richest men in Asia. Currently he serves as Executive Chairman of the internationally known multi-level marketing company the QI Group. The company has its headquarters in Hong Kong and regional offices and independent sales representatives in dozens of countries around the world. Vijay Eswaran is revered for creating jobs and economic opportunities for some of the world’s most economically deprived people.

Vijay Eswaran left Malaysia to study at the London School of Economics where he earned a degree in Socio-Economics in 1984. After graduation he spent a year doing a range of jobs throughout Europe. Eswaran picked grapes in France, did construction work in Belgium and was a London cab driver. While in London he became exposed to Binary System Marketing and went on to earn professional qualification from a UK based company called CIMA. Eswaran then moved to the United States, attended Southern Illinois University and earned his MBA. He also worked part-time doing multilevel marketing for Synaptics.

When Eswaran returned to Asia in 1998, he started a multi-level marketing company offering a wide range of affordable quality products and began hiring thousands of people. The e-commerce company, which became the Q1 Group, offers wellness, travel, telecommunications media and luxury products along with training and corporate investments. The QI group now has millions of employees, regional offices in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand and subsidiaries in many other countries.

Vijay Eswaran is now a popular speaker at management, business and economic forums throughout Asia. He’s also written several books and started two non-profit organizations. The RYTHM Foundation is Q1’s corporate social responsibility arm. The Vijayaratnam Foundation is a community based organization through which Eswara donates to charities, communities and individuals. Eswaran’s work has earned him numerous accolades and awards. Forbes Asia named among Asia’s 48 ‘Heroes of Philanthropy’. He was given the New Global Indian award for business excellence and philanthropy.