Troy McQuagge is the CEO of the Year

Troy McQuagge has been recognized at the One Planet Awards. This is because his efforts, as well as achievements, have won him an award here. Troy McQuagge is the CEO of USHEALTH Group Inc.

These are the One Planet annual awards. They recognize as well as honor all those individuals who have demonstrated excellence in their respective professions. Since it is a global program, hence it recognizes the leaders who may belong to any industry anywhere across the globe. The only criterion here is that they should have made a significant impact in society.

Troy McQuagge had joined the USHEALTH Group in 2010. Since then he has strived and ensured that the company has been delivering on its values as well as objectives.

USHEALTH Group is based in Texas. It is a health insurance company. It has a goal to provide affordable health insurance coverage to its clients. In that order, the solutions need to be tailor made for the clients. The initial task for Troy McQuagge at the company was the remodeling of the distribution agency of the company. This is when Troy McQuagge, worked along with other leaders to create strategies and solutions that focused on the customer.

He ensured that each aspect of the distribution agency was able to cater to the customer’s needs in a specific manner. In 2014, Troy McQuagge got elected as the CEO as well as president of the company. This was because of his brilliant performance. His leadership has channeled the firm to experience exponential growth. Today he is recognized as a charismatic leader in the health insurance industry which is a highly competitive sector.

Troy McQuagge has received the Gold award. He has expressed immense appreciation of his peers as well as to the organization. This is because the award honors all the employees of the company. It is a reminder of their continued support and commitment towards helping others.

Troy McQuagge has earned his degree from the University of Central Florida. He has vast experience in the field of health insurance. His success lies in implementing innovative solutions for clients.

Making more money in todays Market

Tim Amour has a bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College in economics. His education lead him to start a career at Capital Group as a participant in the associates program and later became the chairman and chief executive officer of Capital Group and principal executive officer of Capital Research and management company Inc. Tim Amour covered global telecommunications and U.S. Service companies as an Equity Investment Analyst, also an Equity Portfolio Manager.

In the article Tim argues that Mr. Warren Buffett way is wrong, Tim agrees with Mr. Buffett in certain areas, like making investment in long term return. Tim disagreement is how the industry can put labels on products, specific labels like “Active Versus Passive”. Investors should be aware of these labels; this will not help you reach a goal of trying to save for retirement. Investors should challenge the passive index; challenge how passive index returns are safe path for a better retirement.

What people don’t realize is that passive index will also expose losses when the market is going down. Investor can do better in bad times versus the others and actively managers are even worse, he gives an example of investing money in the company in today’s market you would have five hundred thousand dollars, if you invest the same amount into a fund manager, you can make more money. Tim believes there are two simple ways to do better than the market. If you get rid of all the high fees, get fund managers who will invest their own money, this will give you a group that will do better in time and be better than the market. Click here to know more.

Tim wants investor to save and get ready for retirement and he believes this is the best way to do it.