MB2 Dental: Building New Heights in Dental Care

MB2 Dental is an American Dental Service Organization that considers themselves as a patient oriented dental management and practice development firm put up by a group of dentists, for dentists across the world, where profit is counted as secondary.

The dental service organization works as a partner to affiliated dentists and practice owners across the Globe. The organization provides excellent dental care to its patients and helps its network of dentists focuses on their energy on meeting the needs of their patients.

The mission has a clear vision on handling non-clinical tasks as a team of experts who always offer advanced knowledge, guidance, and work balance. It helps in the coherent running of technical aspects, and as a result, owners can make strategic business decisions and focus on patient care.

MB2 Dental Solutions was founded with a vision of reproducing a community where dentists can emphasize on delivering the best to the dental profession. The institution offers a number of affiliated programs that give access to an extensive international network of practicing dentists. Learn more about Dr Akhil Reddy: https://npidb.org/doctors/dental_health/dentist_122300000x/1053576447.aspx

The affiliated program also allows the dentists to get an exposure with a new phase of technology in order to transform the performance of their services. According to Rate MDs, MB2 Dental provides one of the best affiliated programs that offers an international working platform for the practicing dentists.

MB2 affiliated Dental offices guarantee clinical independence, compensation transparency, supportive community of colleagues, and mentors, and moreover, it offers growth in ownership opportunities for its new associates.

In a short span of time, MB2 has earned an incredible growth as a reputed dental service organization. Ever since it started in 2009, MB2 has amplified its vision to reality by crossing more than 75 professionals and by touching 60 affiliated dental offices.

Dr. Villanueva, the practice owner, and the current CEO of MB2 Dental Solutions has a unique understanding of both the business and service sector. Moreover, he is very passionate about maintaining the integrity of the dental profession.

His passion towards the profession is highly notable as he still practices chair side and relishes educating and mentoring newly hired dentists about their professional career, after dental school. In 2014, MB2 Dental started a partnership with CDI Group, the market leader in commercial fit out and facilities maintenance, for designing and implementing the proprietary and Priority Dental Plan.

The Priority Dental Plan was designed to assist MB2 affiliated dentists in offering their increasing patient base a reasonable option to receive a complete dental care every time they visit an affiliated office. The Priority Dental Plan has become a big time success in playing an important role in MB2 culture.