Making more money in todays Market

Tim Amour has a bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College in economics. His education lead him to start a career at Capital Group as a participant in the associates program and later became the chairman and chief executive officer of Capital Group and principal executive officer of Capital Research and management company Inc. Tim Amour covered global telecommunications and U.S. Service companies as an Equity Investment Analyst, also an Equity Portfolio Manager.

In the article Tim argues that Mr. Warren Buffett way is wrong, Tim agrees with Mr. Buffett in certain areas, like making investment in long term return. Tim disagreement is how the industry can put labels on products, specific labels like “Active Versus Passive”. Investors should be aware of these labels; this will not help you reach a goal of trying to save for retirement. Investors should challenge the passive index; challenge how passive index returns are safe path for a better retirement.

What people don’t realize is that passive index will also expose losses when the market is going down. Investor can do better in bad times versus the others and actively managers are even worse, he gives an example of investing money in the company in today’s market you would have five hundred thousand dollars, if you invest the same amount into a fund manager, you can make more money. Tim believes there are two simple ways to do better than the market. If you get rid of all the high fees, get fund managers who will invest their own money, this will give you a group that will do better in time and be better than the market. Click here to know more.

Tim wants investor to save and get ready for retirement and he believes this is the best way to do it.

Hussain Sajwani: A Remarkable Man That Founded The DAMAC Group

Hussain Sajwani, chairman, CEO and founder of the DAMAC Group, is listed at #3. on Forbes list for billionaires in Dubai and is a remarkable man. At only the age of 3 years old, he worked with his father in his father’s watch and pen store where he learned the values of hard work and dedication. Although his father hoped he would stay on with the family business, Sajwani knew in his heart that he would be following his own path. Before he went on to form his first business, he picked up some experience as Contracts Manager at GASCO, a subsidiary of ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company).

After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in engineering and economics, Hussain Sajwani family decided to found a catering business. To this very day it is a market leader that serves over 150,000 meals every day to people in Africa, CIS, and the Middle East. He then went on to participate in the formation of other business’s and also became an investing genius. He formed his flagship investment company, DICO Investments Co LLC., which focuses primarily on mergers, private equities, and acquisitions, and holds minority and majority tradings in many different publicly traded companies. He is also the chairman for Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Co., which is one of just two tile manufacturer in his nation and the first of its kind.

By working with Donald Trump, Hussain Sajwani and the DAMAC Group have managed to construct some of the greatest luxury property developments in the world. Specifically, the golf course communities that Hussain envisioned and helped his company to build are where The Trump Organization and himself do business. By managing and maintaining the golf courses that sit in the center of these world-renowned golf course communities, Donald Trump has come to get to know Hussain much better and, in fact, said that he was, “A very, very, very amazing man.” The Trump Organization will continue to do business with DAMAC going into the future.

Hussain Sajwani loves his family, which consists of his wife and 4 children. Some of his hobbies include design and trends in architecture. He is especially interested in how each particular region affects the architecture of the area.

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Cotemar Adopts New Technology To Turn To Environment Friendly Operations

Cotemar stands for excellence in the oil and petrochemical industry and has emerged as one of the largest producers of petrochemicals in the entire country. Recently, a lot of chemical and oil companies in Mexico started facing some serious problems owing to the numerous environmental regulations that the government of the country began enforcing. Many of these companies were forced to change their ways and adopt new methods and operations to perform all their undertakings, by the Mexican government. Many businesses in the sector knew the impact that their activities were having on the environment and therefore resorted to shutting down their plants instead if finding new ways to work. Cotemar was one of the oil and petroleum companies in the country that accepted the challenge of implementing only energy efficient methods for their extractions, in compliance with the government’s rules and regulations.

Cotemar has always strived to minimize the amount of damage their operations do to the environment. The company has employed some of the best technology in place to ensure that they are doing as little harm as possible to the environment where they work. The company has some of the countries most modernized machinery to ensure the smooth (and environment-friendly) functioning of the enterprise. Cotemar also ensures that all the waste that is generated from their work is disposed of properly and is efficiently recycled.

As a company, Cotemar leads in the sector of oil and petroleum production in Mexico and is known as one of the global giants in the industry. Over the years, Cotemar has been significant to the overall development of this sector in Mexico and has contributed to the overall national income of the country, through the large number of jobs that just this one company has created.

While being extremely energy efficient and environment conscious, Cotemar is also known to have some of the best technology in place for the safety of their workers and employees. The company has one of the largest fleets of ships and lifeboats, which all have state of the art equipment to go to the rescue of any employee who is stranded while out at sea. The company also attaches GPS trackers onto their employees to keep track of them and to prevent them from getting lost at sea. Cotemar is known to be on of the best places to work and works hard to ensure that their employees are physically and mentally fit, as well as in the safest of conditions.

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Roberto Santiago Great Work in Art and Literature

In 1968, Roberto Santiago was born in Madrid and later studied image & sound at the Faculty of Communication Sciences of Madrid. Santiago has been a screenwriter for TV, editorial manager for publicizing offices in Madrid, maker of video clasps and has published several copies of books. One of the novels is the Los Futbolísimos, a publishing phenomenon that has turned out to be one of the children’s collections, and currently it can be found in the market with different dialects. His initial novel, The Thief of falsehoods, was one of the shortlisted for the prize steamboat. Santiago won the Edebé Children’s Literature Award with Jon & dread machine. He has as of late begun the adventure Outsiders time.

Roberto Santiago has composed and coordinated, among different movies The Longest Penalty Shot in the World (designated for the Goya for Best Screenplay), The Suicide Club (founded on the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson), the end of road (shot totally in St. James way), the global coproduction Ivan’s fantasy (supported by Unicef for its kids’ values), not leaving behind the Independent Horror Comedy Harvest (grant for best film at the Festival of Terror Oregon). His short Roulette took part in the Official Selection of the Cannes Film Festival. Moreover, it has worked together like executive and scriptwriter in various television series.

In theater he has composed Eight Basque surnames & The Other Side of the Bed (Telón Prize to the Author Revelation) adoptions. Santiago is also a screenwriter of different humor programs with Televisión Española. Besides, he has published various novels via which he was honored with different awards. Before he has been an advertising & video clips director and in 1999, he coordinated the short film Ruleta, which partakes in the Official Section of the Cannes Film Festival. In 2000 he composed and coordinated his first play, Share 38, Enrique Llovet Award for Best Theatrical Text of 1999. In 2001 he built an extra large screen debut in regard to the element film Happy Men (2001). Santiago has wide skills in writing and as an author he managed to publish different books touching youths and children among other fields. For instance, the gathering of football & intrigue novels (The Futbolísimos) has turned into publishing phenomena and can be found in different dialects.