Julia Jackson’s Love for Wines

Julia Jackson is a lady, who since her formative years has had a vested interest in the wine making industry. As a young girl, she got into the art of winemaking through her industrious father. During her school holidays, Julia took up work at many Jackson family wineries and happened to make friends with one French lady whose parent was an employee at Jackson’s family winery. Since then, these two women have nurtured their friendship, and it is the French woman that has been able to assist Julia to advance her knowledge on wines.

She presently works at Jackson Family Wines in conjunction with an international sales team. To this end, she has been able to introduce different wine blends that are unique in her family to the rest of the world. Julia Jackson currently works as a spokesperson for Cambria Estates. Julia has also been instrumental in the creation of the Cambria Seeds of Empowerment program, a non-profit organization meant to celebrate women who have survived and thrived through times of great hardship. Julia believes that she is the girl she is presently due to her mother who was a role model to her as she was growing up. Despite Julia’s passion for wine, she also has an impressive education record having studied at Scripps College, and at the Stanford Summer Institute of General Management.

The distinct taste from Jackson Family Wineries takes a lot of time and energy to prepare. However, the efforts pay off since their brands of wines are globally recognized. To get the best wine, they put much emphasis on a particular vineyard parcel. The parcel then undergoes careful preparation and its soils nurtured to provide the best grade of fruit for wine distilling. Some of the prominent brands of wines that in production by the Julia Jackson’s Wineries include La Crema, Freemark Abbey, Verite, Lokoya, and Hartford.

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Equities First – Adequate Funding of Business Is A Pillar For Success

Despite of how well your startup may be getting along, you have to prepare for swirling days and even business whirlwinds. Business and finance cycles bring faint fogs you can’t anticipate. That is the reason insightful associations make financial game plans to deal with downturns. Great credit, money reserve funds, ideal supply and brilliant game plans can keep the business working and support its operations when the business environment is no longer ideal. In any case, no business has ever thrived without financial support. What’s more, for new companies or organizations that endeavor to develop, acquiring stock loans from Equities First offers the best alternative in today’s hard monetary circumstances. Read More Here .


Business achievement can bring organizations to challenging circumstances. At times, to do more on business exercises and accomplish on major projects needs critical financial investment which incorporates obtaining new capital, new stock or hiring of new workers. Exactly when business bosses hit this intersection, they have to work via means of their financial decisions, which consolidate borrowing of equity capitals – possibly from investors. Every condition is unmistakable, yet brilliant managers brings attention to the cost of achievement and the options of getting advancement financing.


A company that is incapable to pay for its functions spells imminent death in its operations. Without a doubt, even the most dedicated staff won’t stick around for long if they are not paid. The bigger the functions of the organization, the huge the expenses. Above all, associations need to ensure they have enough cash with them that can go for at least two cycles if not more. Arranging of accounts to ensure your back records are alive and well is essential to the trustworthiness and life expectancy of your association. With the financial help of Equities, no organization ought to go for a month without paying its representatives – that is after the organization has explored in various means of financing its business exercises.

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Equities First Holdings Expects Loans Collateralized by Shares to Gain Increased Popularity in the Future

Equities First Holdings (EFH) meets the needs of companies and wealthy businesspersons looking for non-purpose capital. Equities First majors in a product created to provide liquidity at affordable terms through a highly secure and transparent process. The firm’s remarkable approach to non-purpose funding has yielded over 625 successful transactions. EFH’s financing method offers clients a substantially lower capital cost and attractive financing terms compared to traditional financing options.

EFH delivers its lending solutions to its customers spread across the world through its regional service centers based in Singapore, London, Perth, Bangkok, and Hong Kong. The company’s financial arrangements are customized to suit individual borrower demands. EFH is an expert when it comes to capital allocation, financial services, and excellent finance solutions.

What makes credit-based lending a suitable alternative?

Credit-based loans are becoming a perfect choice for individuals who want to raise capital at a fast pace or who may fail to meet the strict requirements adopted by conventional lenders. Many traditional lending institutions have substantially complicated the loan application process by minimizing their lending options, adopting tight qualifications requirement, and increasing the interest rates. CEO Christy of EFH sees stock-based lending as an ideal borrowing option for borrowers who need working capital. Loans collateralized by shares attract a significantly higher proportion of loan-to-value, and their interest rates are fixed. Therefore, these loans provide confidence throughout the duration of the deal. Visit http://www.equitiesfirst.com

Loans collateralized by stocks offer a hedge in case market fluctuation occurs within the three-year period. Share-based loans enable borrowers to reduce their investment risks greatly. Additionally, if the share’s value decline, the borrower will still walk away since most stock-based loans possess the non-recourse feature. They will retain the initial loan profits with no further commitment to the lender. Christy hints that share-based loans contain a loan-to-value rate of 10 to 50 percent. Click Here for more.

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How EOS Displaced the Lip Balm Market

Lip balm may not seem like the most dynamic industry in the world, but it was recently reshaped by a startup company, the Evolution of Smooth (EOS) who stole market share and found themselves outdoing larger competitors like Chapstick and Blistex.

When EOS was founded they saw the lip balm market as an industry that was undeserved by the major companies in the market. The major lip balm makers were not designing products that their customers were passionate about and they did not express much loyalty to their products.

EOS lip balm decided to listen to their customers and chose the largest segment of the lip balm market to cater too; women. Female buyers of lip balm were interested in lip balms that had more flavorful and less medicinal options and EOS designed flavors that appealed to this niche segment, https://www.amazon.ca/eos-Pomegranate-Raspberry-Lip-Balm/dp/B00B6A9KTU. EOS also listened to the concerns regarding the ingredient list; instead of the cheap petroleum jelly base that most lip balm makers used, they used higher quality oils. Finally, EOS used a unique applicator orb that was colorful and easy to find in the purse of the women who were struggling to find the standard applicator tubes of their competitors.

Once EOS designed their unique and premium product they were able to attract the attention of several of the major retailers starting with Walgreens, Target and eBay, and therein obtained a distribution for their products. From these humble origins, EOS was able to branch out to new retailers and built a successful business that has displaced Chapstick and the other major players in the lip balm industry.

EOS has shown how a small startup company can displace the major competitors in their industry by listening to their Facebook fan base and developing products that appeal to them. This strategy has allowed EOS to develop a loyal following of customers who are willing to pay a premium price for their products which is allowing EOS to diversify into new product lines in order to replicate their success in the lip balm market.


Moving InnovaCare Health forward with Rick Shinto at the Helm

Dr. Richard Shinto was recently named Chief Executive Officer and President at InnovaCare Health Solutions, LLC. Rick has over 20 years of managed care experience. Rick began his career practicing pulmonary and internal medicine in California before becoming involved in management. His past positions have included: Chief Executive Officer at MMM Healthcare Inc.; Chief Executive officer at Aveta Inc. and Chief Executive Officer at DMC Medicare Choice, Inc. Rick Specializes in clinical and operation health care. In 2012 Rick received the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the state of New Jersey.

Penelope Kokkinides recently rejoined InnovaCare Health. Penelope is currently the Chief Administrative Officer. Her past Position for InnovaCare Health was as Chief Operating Officer. Penelope also, brings more than 20 years of experience with her. She specializes in Medicare and Medicaid along with managed care. She has a vast experience in developing clinical programs, managed health care processes and operations along with improving efficiency and organization. Her past positions include: Chief Operating Officer of Aveta Inc. and Vice President of Clinical Operations. In a recent interview with Ideamensch, Penelope discussed the use of modern technology and the changes for the better that it has made for staying in touch and communicating with others. Penelope Kokkinides often travels because of her position so it is important to stay in touch with her team members. Cell phones and tablets are wonderful for allowing this along with a portable charger. She likes e-mail, video conferences and screen-sharing, in which she believes helps the success of a team.

InnovaCare Health is a corporation which specializes in health care real estate. The company helps health care organizations with real estate development, consulthing, brokerage and property management. They help the organizations work out solutions quickly and cost efficiently. They are helping health care organizations reduce their cost that is attributed to their real estate assets. Recently InnovaCare joined HHS Initiative to reform payment models. The Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network(LAN). is a public/private partnership which is moving the U.S. health system toward payment models based on quality rather than on quantity. Thus, helping to reduce cost.

Who benefits from working with Equities First Holdings

About the Company

One of the enterprises that has been in the forefront in offering lending solutions worldwide is Equities first Holdings. There exist traction in both stock-based loans and margin loans since banks, and other lending institutions have been seen to tighten the lending criteria making it hard for people and business to access loans. With this in consideration, the Equities First holding view loans being collateralized by stocks as being an innovative borrowing alternative which leads to them offering loans to individuals who are in need of raising capital quickly or who don’t qualify for credit based loans. The loans they offer to a business rely entirely on the assessment carried out regarding the business risk and its future performance with regards to bonds, stocks, and treasuries.

Individuals who would benefit more from working with Equities Holdings

One group of people who would benefit more includes borrowers who need instant and quick access to capital. In some cases, an individual may require capital urgently to start a business, and this is one service the company offers. Banks and other lending institution take time before offering any loans regardless of how urgent the money is needed. With Equities Lending providing a variety of lending services including equities lending allow an exclusive opportunity to acquire capital quickly.

Another group that can benefit from working with the company includes an individual who require money to expand their business or who want to repay high debt. People who need money for these reasons may contact the company and explain the reasons as to why they need the loan. After an evaluation, the company is in a position to offer the required loan something other lending institutions don’t consider.

Business and individuals who use equities as collateral for a particular time can apply for a stock loan from the Equities First Holdings. If a person owns stock in an organization and has faith that after some years the stock will have appreciated, they can transfer their shares to the Equities Holdings. Equities First Holdings will use these shares as collateral and offer the required loan to the borrower a service that banks don’t consider.

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How Eric Lefkofsky Of Groupon May Just Cure Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky is a billionaire business man that has launched businesses as diverse as Groupon and Echo Global Logistics. One of his biggest goals as a businessman is to help people around him as a philanthropist and to make a real difference in his community.

His latest challenge is the company Tempus, a more serious and philanthropic goal than his initial start up ideas. But what is this company and how would it potentially save the lives of millions of people?

A Look At Tempus

Tempus is an idea that came to Lefkofsky when considering various cancer therapies. Basically, it will be a huge database of genomic information, particularly that of the various methods used to treat it and the people who have suffered from it.

The idea is to take this information and make it public to a wide range of doctors and to find specific and workable treatments that work on a genetic level, literally changing the DNA of cancer to create personalized therapies.

He had this to say about his idea:

“At some of the top cancer centers in the country, you find really interesting research initiatives where they’re sequencing patients, looking for patterns… It’s not happening at scale…(Unfortunately doctors are) caught in this paradox: You can collect lots of data, but you can’t necessarily analyze all the data.”

The End Goal And How They’re Achieving It

The goal is to help give doctors a database of information which anyone can access and use to manage cancer treatments. Partnerships with hospitals and other caregivers are going to identify the genetic profile and cancer concerns of specific patients and find where the break in their genetic code is occurring.

The idea is to create a treatment that manages cancer at a personal level and makes it easier to fine-tune treatment. To reach this goal, Tempus is providing gene-sequencing tests to patients at a massive headquarters and giving doctors software that helps them quickly and easily compare their genetic code to that of various forms of cancer and of others who suffered from it.

The Potential Is Huge

If this idea can be successfully implemented, the upside is enormous. Doctors will be able to check the genetic profile of patients across the country and use this information to fuel treatment. Hopefully it will inspire a whole new generation of doctors and scientists in their tireless quest to find a cure for cancer.

The Life of Eric Lefkofsky

There are some people who always seem to be ahead of the game. Eric Lefkofsky has done a great job of taking things to the next level in a variety of ways in his life. When he was in business, a lot of people looked up to the success that he has in a short period of time. Over the long term, a lot of people want to try out what he can do in their life. He has a large social media presence, and many people today read everything that they can about what he writes. With all of the new change in the market today, Eric Lefkofsky is ready to take things to the next level.

Eric Lefkofsky

From the looks of things, Eric Lefkofsky leads a great life. Even though he has a lot of money, and he has a successful business, he still works a lot of long hours. There are a lot of people who wonder aloud about whether he should work as many hours as he does. However, he is driven to succeed at a higher level than most people. With this success, he has to make a positive impact on the world. He gives a lot of his time and money to charities for causes that he believes in. This is something that he will continue to do in the years ahead. If you want to learn how to lead an effective life like he has, there are a variety of things that you can start today.


Disruptive change is coming to the economy over the next couple of years. Many people will be surprised by how many jobs are created and destroyed by technology. If you want to be prepared financially, you need to start preparing now. Having the ability to adapt to changes within the economy is one of the most important skills that anyone can have. Over the long term, it is the people who can adapt who are the ones that will survive and thrive in the new economy. This is something that Eric Lefkofsky talks about a lot on social media. There are a lot of people who are now excited about what he has to say on the subject.

Final Thoughts

Overall, there are a lot of people who listen to what Eric Lefkofsky has to say on a variety of subjects. If you want to learn how to adapt in the new economy, start readying what he is writing on social media. This is the perfect place for people to start if you are just learning about this subject. There are a lot of great things that Eric Lefkofsky is doing in the local area. With all of the changes that will happen with disruptive technology, it is best to start preparing now. Eric Lefkofsky can help you in that process, especially with all of the great knowledge that he has on the topic. Start working today to make an impact in the future for yourself.

Malini Saba: Risk Taker and Philanthropist

Malini Saba is a force to be reckoned with in the entrepreneurial world. She started out as a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley during the 1990’s, with an extensive investment career that included such technological giants as PayPal Inc., Netscreen Technologies, Sycamore Networks Inc., and many more. The founder of Saban, she seized the opportunity to start her own firm after not being able to join an already existing venture capitalist group. Saban has a variety of investments worldwide, including technology, energy, and real estate, with investments spread across the United States, China, Australia, and India. How did Malini accomplish this? By taking risks. She prides herself in exploring new frontiers, exploring business opportunities in places where most people will not go. Her advice to other entrepreneurs is the same: do your research and then go for whatever it is. She credits her own success with trusting her gut and tells others to take the same risks. And while not every risk pays off, Malini refuses to have regrets. Every step has taught her something and made her who she is today. Even when investments went wrong, when corruption forced a deal to fail, she has always fought for herself, for her business ventures, and in the end learned a great deal.

She is the founder of Stree: Global Investments in Women, an organization which hopes to change the way women and children in poverty view themselves and the roles available to them. It is no wonder that a visit to her website begins with the following quote: “Women have the power to make the world better if we stand togeter united, regardless of race, religion, size, or social status.” Malini has also donated directly to charities in need, including one million dollars towards the Heart Research Center for South Asians in California, at the El Camino Hospital in Mountainview, and ten million to victims in India and Sri Lanka who suffered from the tragic 2004 Tsunami.

You can learn more about Malini on her website, or connect with her on Linked In, Crunchbase, or Slideshare.

Sanjay Shah’s Skills and Work Ethic

Sanjay Shah has shown that he has a great work ethic. He is also someone who loves people. He is a philanthropist that gives to the community and provides funds in order to solve various problems for humanity. Among his most successful ventures is Solo Capital. Sanjay Shah has used his financial management skills in order to successfully run the company. With Solo Capital, Sanjay Shah participates in proprietary trading and sports betting. One thing that makes him so successful as an investor is that he knows when to make the investment and when to back off.

He has used the capital he has gained from his investment banking in order to start some other ventures. Amidst his success, he has discovered that his son has autism. This has influenced his decision towards starting a non-profit charity called Autism Rocks. With Autism Rocks, he is able to collect donations. He also runs concerts in order to collect money so that he could continue to fund autism research. As of right now, his son is receiving a series of treatments which include behavioral therapy in order to help with his development. Many artists that perform at Sanjay Shah’s concert get to meet his son.

Sanjay Shah also gets to experience the freedom to be creative with his ventures. Among the freedoms that he gets to experience is that he gets to spend more time with his family. Family is very important to him. Solo Capital was his introduction to the world of owning his own business. For one thing, he gets to experience greater job security than he would have working for another company. Sanjay Shah is someone who takes risks in order to build a greater and more fulfilling life for him and his family. He is also not afraid to get involve din different industries.


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