Streaming Boxes Banned After Mexican Hacking Issues

     The use of streaming set top boxes has become a global hit across the planet as boxes like the Roku have allowed people to pick and choose their own media options via the use of Internet based platforms. One area of concern for the major media companies of Mexico has been the consistent misuse of streaming boxes that have made it easier than ever before for hackers to create pirate platforms, which are eating into the profits and customer base of some of Mexico’s top media companies.

A recent court case was brought by Cablevision in Mexico, the top cable supplier in the country who has become concerned about the rising number of hacking cases being completed by hackers using one of the many versions of the Roku streaming box. Owned by Televisa, Cablevision initially won a court ruling banning the import and sale of Roku boxes as the software contained within allowed hackers to develop pirate TV and entertainment software; among the problems faced by Televisa, Cablevision, and their rivals in Mexico has been the fact Roku software allows the creation of custom apps that are often used by illegal download sites. Televisa has now become the main supporter of the fight to end the illegal download of TV shows and movies that has caused issues for some of the world’s leading media companies.

Televisa and Cablevision are just two companies that have fallen under the control of Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega, the man who is often referred to as the financial brains behind Telvisa’s amazing recent success. A media and financial specialist, Angoitia has served on the board of some of the world’s leading media based companies, including Rupert Murdoch’s global giant Sky.

Since joining Televisa in 1999 as Chief Financial Officer the career of Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega has taken him on a journey that sees him as the most important person in the company and chief confidant of Emilion Azcarraga Milmo, the owner of Televisa; Angoitia has become a key part of the Televisa team responsible for the development of the company as the largest media outlet in the Spanish speaking world.

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