The Multitude of EOS Flavors

What draws many people to EOS is the fact that they seem to care about their customers. While lip balm is not anywhere close to the largest purchase that a customer will make in a given period of time, it is nice that a company understands the benefits that a premium product can provide to a customer and that they spend time understanding your needs.

EOS has created a wholly superior product that uses organic ingredients that last longer than the synthetic lip balm that everyone else seems to be selling. Because they don’t use fake flavors, their lip balms taste better on the lips and don’t get sickening to apply. You can apply EOS lip balm time and time again without any noticeable ill effect and because the flavors of EOS are subtle and enjoyable, not get tired of doing so. However, because EOS is sourced with better overall ingredients, you will not need to be continually applying EOS lip balm to your lips. It lasts longer than the competition, useful reference here on

The wide array of flavors that EOS sells means there is a flavor for everyone. From sweet mint, to summer fruit and honeysuckle honeydew, there is a flavor for everyone, get more info. These flavor options don’t stay static either; EOS is constantly adding new options and keeping it fresh with seasonal packs of flavors that suit the climate and mood of the moment well.

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EOS lip balm has such a variety that it has been challenging for me to select a favorite. However, if I had to choose just one I would choose blackberry nectar. Blackberry nectar is a unique flavor that tastes like fresh blackberries which is not a flavor that is easily captured in a lip balm Blackberry nectar is subtle yet sweet and easy to apply n a luscious coat. Having said that you couldn’t go wrong with any of the many flavors from EOS.

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