Dr. Cameron Clokie’s Technique To Regrow The Bones Gets Wider Acceptability

Cameron Clokie, a Toronto-based Maxillofacial and oral surgeon, has developed a new technology to regrow the broken bones in the body especially in the jaw. In the process, he used the stem cells technology to regenerate bone tissues using a growth protein added. Though Dr. Cameron Clokie is performing the treatment for at least a decade, in the recent years, the procedure got wider acceptability due to success rate. The treatment method is currently changing the pace of the reconstructive surgery. Clokie and his team of researchers from the University of Toronto confirm that the latest procedure ensures painless treatment and recovery for the patients.

“The method ensures the growth of bone similar to the embryonic state of generation,” said Dr. Cameron Clokie. “We have regenerated a number of jawbones exactly similar to the one that is lost.” The new procedure significantly reduces the treatment time and ensures a quick recovery. Interestingly, the surgery of planting growth protein just leaves a small scar and not creating any complex conditions of major surgeries. Dr. Clokie adds the growth protein to a putty-like gel, makes it into the shape of missing bone, and adds it to the place where regeneration needed with the support of a titanium rod. Within days, blood vessels would start to grow around the gel, and the bone starts regrow in the missing place.

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Clokie is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Induce Biologics Inc., which offers innovative solutions on regenerative medicine. He has more than three decades of experience in academic dentistry, research, and clinical practice that helped him to develop new treatment methods that can address complex conditions on BizCommunity.com. He was also the Head of maxillofacial and oral Surgery department at the University of Toronto and also a Professor there until 2017. Dr. Clokie has written many articles and published a number of papers in regards to regenerative medicine and bone reconstruction. He is an internationally acclaimed speaker on various topics related to oral health care that includes bone regeneration, university-based technology transfer, dentistry, oral surgery, and maxillofacial surgery, and he actively promotes the bone regeneration technique and its benefits. Dr. Clokie is on the advisory boards of a number of medicine and healthcare companies.

Learn more about Cameron Clokie: http://www.fsnhospitals.com/profiles/dr-cameron-clokie

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