How Eric Lefkofsky Of Groupon May Just Cure Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky is a billionaire business man that has launched businesses as diverse as Groupon and Echo Global Logistics. One of his biggest goals as a businessman is to help people around him as a philanthropist and to make a real difference in his community.

His latest challenge is the company Tempus, a more serious and philanthropic goal than his initial start up ideas. But what is this company and how would it potentially save the lives of millions of people?

A Look At Tempus

Tempus is an idea that came to Lefkofsky when considering various cancer therapies. Basically, it will be a huge database of genomic information, particularly that of the various methods used to treat it and the people who have suffered from it.

The idea is to take this information and make it public to a wide range of doctors and to find specific and workable treatments that work on a genetic level, literally changing the DNA of cancer to create personalized therapies.

He had this to say about his idea:

“At some of the top cancer centers in the country, you find really interesting research initiatives where they’re sequencing patients, looking for patterns… It’s not happening at scale…(Unfortunately doctors are) caught in this paradox: You can collect lots of data, but you can’t necessarily analyze all the data.”

The End Goal And How They’re Achieving It

The goal is to help give doctors a database of information which anyone can access and use to manage cancer treatments. Partnerships with hospitals and other caregivers are going to identify the genetic profile and cancer concerns of specific patients and find where the break in their genetic code is occurring.

The idea is to create a treatment that manages cancer at a personal level and makes it easier to fine-tune treatment. To reach this goal, Tempus is providing gene-sequencing tests to patients at a massive headquarters and giving doctors software that helps them quickly and easily compare their genetic code to that of various forms of cancer and of others who suffered from it.

The Potential Is Huge

If this idea can be successfully implemented, the upside is enormous. Doctors will be able to check the genetic profile of patients across the country and use this information to fuel treatment. Hopefully it will inspire a whole new generation of doctors and scientists in their tireless quest to find a cure for cancer.

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