Don Ressler Incorporating Brilliance and Ingenuity in the E-commerce Market

Ever since at an early age Don Ressler has illustrated ingenuity and brilliance in the e-commerce and performance advertising sector through the many successful start-ups he has left behind. His first entrepreneurial discovery was which bought in 2001 by Intermix Media. It was while working for Intermix Media that Don Ressler met and teamed up with an equally brilliant 19-year old Adam Goldberg. Adam at the time, at his tender age, was the Chief Operating Officer of Intermix Media.

Together with Adam Goldberg, Don Ressler went ahead to form Alena Media, a performance advertising division for Intermix Media. The company was a hit as it became the center of profit for Intermix Media by generating hundreds of millions in capital for the company. Nevertheless, Don and Adam’s success at Intermix was short-lived as the company was unfortunately acquired in 2005 by News Corp. Don was forced to seek other ventures and together with Adam they decided to explore more brilliant opportunities.

Having gained profound experience in the performance advertising industry both Don and Adam came together to build a brand building enterprise that could run effortlessly. Together with a team from Intermix Media, Don and Ressler held a brainstorming session that led to the creation of Intelligent Beauty. Under this enterprise, they came about establishing the first company which they called DERMSTORE. This was set as an online marketplace for cosmetics and skincare products. With a crave for even bigger success, two years later the duo launched their second online company under their brand building enterprise called SENSA, an online weight loss system.

Both SENSA and DERMSTORE have proved to be worthy ventures, despite Intelligent Media not releasing a financial report, as they were able to gain $43 million in investment from Technology Crossover Ventures. Nevertheless, Mr. Don Ressler was bound for even greater success as together with Adam they came up with an even bigger achievement which is JustFab. Formed as an online subscription fashion retailer, the company was launched in 2011 and was able to receive $33 million in funding. The company has also received a lot of approval with the public since as of April 2012; the company had already hit the six million member mark, which was a great improvement from the 4 million member mark of December 2011.

Over the years JustFab has continued to establish itself in the e-commerce market by offering the latest in fashion and quality service. Don Ressler, on the other hand, continues to demonstrate brilliance in the entrepreneurial world through innovative and bright ideas. See: