Malini Saba: Risk Taker and Philanthropist

Malini Saba is a force to be reckoned with in the entrepreneurial world. She started out as a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley during the 1990’s, with an extensive investment career that included such technological giants as PayPal Inc., Netscreen Technologies, Sycamore Networks Inc., and many more. The founder of Saban, she seized the opportunity to start her own firm after not being able to join an already existing venture capitalist group. Saban has a variety of investments worldwide, including technology, energy, and real estate, with investments spread across the United States, China, Australia, and India. How did Malini accomplish this? By taking risks. She prides herself in exploring new frontiers, exploring business opportunities in places where most people will not go. Her advice to other entrepreneurs is the same: do your research and then go for whatever it is. She credits her own success with trusting her gut and tells others to take the same risks. And while not every risk pays off, Malini refuses to have regrets. Every step has taught her something and made her who she is today. Even when investments went wrong, when corruption forced a deal to fail, she has always fought for herself, for her business ventures, and in the end learned a great deal.

She is the founder of Stree: Global Investments in Women, an organization which hopes to change the way women and children in poverty view themselves and the roles available to them. It is no wonder that a visit to her website begins with the following quote: “Women have the power to make the world better if we stand togeter united, regardless of race, religion, size, or social status.” Malini has also donated directly to charities in need, including one million dollars towards the Heart Research Center for South Asians in California, at the El Camino Hospital in Mountainview, and ten million to victims in India and Sri Lanka who suffered from the tragic 2004 Tsunami.

You can learn more about Malini on her website, or connect with her on Linked In, Crunchbase, or Slideshare.

The Impact of Online Reputation on Sales


Reputation has always mattered in the business world. But the advent of mass communication has had a tremendous impact on the way it impacts a company. A recent example can be found from the experiences of the people who work within United Airlines. The company is obviously well known. And for a long time their reputation was only as a provider of air service. But recently one of the passengers saw his luggage, and specifically a guitar, being mishandled by their staff. This would almost always be an issue. But not that long ago it would be an issue limited to the customer and one or two employees. But this particular customer was a musician. And he was able to leverage his fame into a song that spread out to the entire world. And of course the song was all about how poor his experiences with United Airlines had been. It’s estimated that this cost the company around $180 million. This demonstrates just how much online reputation matters.

At the same time, it’s been proven by researchers time and time again that positive effects on reputation can boost a companies sales. Harvard recently performed a study using the online review site Yelp. They were able to verify that reviews of a restaurant would have a dramatic effect on their business. Even as much as a one star increase on yelp was enough to boost sales by about five to nine percent. This shows again just how much of an impact that online reputation can have. And as with the opposite effect at United Airlines, much of this has to do with the effect of mass communication. And of course the biggest representation of mass communication is the internet. It’s something that many people feel is beyond their ability to fix bad reviews. And it’s true that it is beyond the ability of any one person to manipulate.

Thankfully, the internet can be manipulated by some skilled companies such as The Search Fixers. As the name suggests the company is centered around the concept of repairing online reputation and pushing it into a more positive direction. One of the best examples of this is what people will see when they perform a search within any of the popular search engines. After working with The Search Fixers reputation management consultants, a company can be sure that when people perform a search that the results will be positive. And those positive results will almost certainly result in dramatic improvements in their overall sales.